Product Description


Silky and non-greasy formula, this super light liquid foundation with medium coverage is specially formulated for Asian skin, especially for those with combination and oily skin. This refine under-makeup will leave your skin flawless and glowing for the rest of your day. Its ultra-smooth texture makes it comfortable and easy to wear. Combine it with glowing brilliance perfecting powder for even more impressive results.


1. Shake well before use.
2. Apply to fingertips, makeup sponge, or foundation brush and smooth evenly over the face and neck
3. Apply to face with foundation brush, makeup sponge or fingertips, and smooth over skin to blend

Suitable for : Combination & Oily Skin

SC05 Porcelain

SC10 Warm Sand                   

SC20 Beige                             

SC30 Natural

SC40  Warm Natural              

SC50  Warm Honey

 Net Content 30 ml